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Welcome to Towerhouse Group LLC


Your success is our mission


We are dedicated to addressing our clients global needs with individual attention. Where we extend an in-depth assessment to understand your business challenges and design solutions to fit your expectations.


Through a consultative approach, our highly experienced and credentialed team of professionals provides you robust client centered solutions.


Our pillars of integrity, honesty, professionalism and reliability provide clients with a creative and personalized experience.


Our management consulting team has decades of experience


Our consultants are former CEOs, Vice Presidents, senior government officials, Executives of Fortune 500 and Native American owned companies with extensive contracting backgrounds, business leadership, and your trusted source for talent and capability to address today's business challenges and opportunities. 


We help build successful strategies for business growth and development with Fortune 500 companies, Native American owned Tribal corporations, assisting Native American Tribal governments, and Federal Section 17 Corporations, assessing business opportunities for small to large organizations in technology, aerospace, healthcare, and the energy industry.

We have representatives in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona.


Our management and strategy firm offers: 

  • Project Funding - $20M to Billions 

  • Assisting private and public corporations strategic guidance and assurance working with American Indian Tribes

  • Coaching and guiding Native owned companies with business opportunities, structure, teaming agreement, or joint venture considerations

  • Working with Native American governments on a variety of opportunities

  • business growth strategy assistance

  • Pasture Rangeland Forage Insurance

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